Digital infiltration by Russian hackers and cyber (counter) espionage by the AIVD, Ddos attacks on banks and the tax authorities, continuing discussions about the introduction of ‘de sleepwet’. Just a sample of headlines and messages in the social media from recent days. The rapidly progressing digitisation of society evidently requires qualified experts to be able to deal with the related threats, opportunities dilemmas and risks.

The Cyber Security Academy, therefore, proudly and enthusiastically announces that on 8 February the second cohort of Master of Science (MSc) graduates in Cyber Security in The Netherlands will graduate at the Campus of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), the national innovation centre in The Hague and home of the leading security cluster in Europe.

Professionals (computer scientists, lawyers, policy makers) from a variety of public and private organisations celebrate their successful completion of the innovative and multidisciplinary master programme, with a seminar and a ceremony of celebration.

At the seminar in the morning, on the basis of a number of recently completed master theses, innovative insights and solutions for cyber security challenges are shared with fellow students, teachers and cyber experts. How could a Unified Kill Chain contribute to the fight against cyber attacks? What is the potential of artificial intelligence for entering into and resolving existing and emerging cyber security challenges? How can we broaden our perspective on cyber security risk management and what does the arrival of quantum computers mean for the sustainability of encryption techniques used worldwide in financial transactions, for example, and how can we prepare for these changes?

The graduation ceremony in the afternoon will be introduced by Jan van den Berg, professor in Cyber Security at Leiden University/Delft University of Technology. Following this introduction, graduates will receive their diploma in a ceremony of celebration.

You are cordially invited on:
Date: Thursday 8 February 2018
Time: 10.00-16.30 hours
HSD Campus, 7th floor
Cyber Security Academy The Hague
Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104 2595 AN Den Haag

Please register through


For more information on the programme visit the agenda.

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